The first edition of the Kaizen Awards! We appreciate the ideas and innovation of our employees!


Within  program operating in our company (Kaizen translated from Japanese 改善 - change for the better), our employees have the opportunity to submit their own proposals for improvements and changes,   which will contribute, among others, to optimize and improve the quality and efficiency of processes.

The best ideas are rewarded and implemented. The benefits of this program are mutual. The innovation and ingenuity of our employees translates into real benefits and savings.
For the first edition, our employees submitted over 50 ideas, and the cash prize went to our colleague Andrzej for: "Changing the method of controlling air supply and recirculation dampers in ventilation units (heated with natural gas)."

This year, we plan to further develop the program because we know that real change can be achieved thanks to the seemingly small steps each of us makes.






Source: own collection