Mabuchi Motor Group is a leading manufacturer of small DC motors. We meet expectations of our clients’ worldwide thanks to our long-standing experience, continuous development and innovative approach. We are focused on the dynamic markets we refer to as 3 M (Mobility, Machinery, Medicaly).

The beginnings of Mabuchi Motor in Poland

Land purchase for factory construction
Ceremony of laying the cornerstone
Construction works start
Factory opening ceremony
Start of mass production
  1. Land purchase for factory construction

  2. Ceremony of laying the cornerstone

  3. Construction works start

  4. Factory opening ceremony

  5. Start of mass production


Automation technician

Main tasks: Supervision and maintenance of machinery, in particular in the field of automation, control systems and software; Diagnostics and repair of control systems of machines and devices; Programming PLC controllers; Performing repairs, renovations and preventive inspections of machines, in accordance with the schedule and technical documentation; Participation in machine modernization projects; Cooperation with external […]

Visit of students and teachers from ZSTiB

Today we were visited by students and teachers from the Technical and Vocational School Complex in Brzesko. They had the opportunity to explore every corner of our factory and learn what work is like in various departments. We shared information about our numerous production processes, as well as how to join our team!

District fire drills „Strefa 2024”!

On Friday, April 26, 2024 we have made the area of our plant available to uniformed services to conduct district exercises called "ZONE 2024" The exercises were carried out under the watchful eye of the Operational Planning Department of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Krakow, and were attended by 120 firefighters from the State and Volunteer Fire Departments from the Bochnia, Wieliczka and Brzeg poviats, supported by officers of the District Police Headquarters in Bochnia, paramedics of the State Emergency Medical Service, representatives of the crisis management team in Bochnia and our technical and health and safety staff. We are glad that we had a small contribution to improving the practical skills of fire services. On the occasion of the upcoming Firefighter's Day, we wish everyone safe service and always happy returns from action.

Job Fair in School no. 1 in Bochnia

On Friday, April 12, we took part in the 3rd Job Fair organized by the School Complex No. 1 in Bochnia It was a good time for numerous meetings with school graduates and participants from other schools throughout the Bochnia district. Thank you for your presence , join our team!

Easter Environmental Competition 2024!

This week we had the pleasure of presenting prizes as part of the art competition for "Ecological Easter decoration" held before the holidays. announced among the children of our employees.